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TURN ANY SURFACE INTO A CHALKBOARD: Lower cost alternative to virgin paint, without sacrificing quality. One quart of Recolor Chalk Finish, Java covers about 100 square feet. This is chalk, latex paint with a very matte chalkboard finish. Can be used to turn any wall into a chalkboard and give an old piece of furniture a new life. Produced in the USA!

PROFESSIONALLY RECYCLED PAINTS: Processed from carefully screened feedstock so that the highest quality recycled content paint is produced. Undergoes additional testing for quality assurance making sure the paint is just as good as it was when it was first used. Our coverage is as good or better than that of the virgin paint.

APPLICATION & COVERAGE: Durable and washable latex paint. Dry time is 2-6 hours. Clean-up is easy with just soap and water. NOTE: Colors may vary by batch. We recommend bulking paint from different batches together to ensure uniformity of color. Use as a paint/primer on furniture or decorative items. For furniture/cabinetry application, a topcoat of wax or polyurethane is best. If using as a chalkboard then allow the paint to cure for at least 3 days before attempting to write on it.

ENVIRONMENTAL INTEGRITY: We collect leftover paint, utilizing a process that involves rigorous screening and quality control. We produce a paint that is recycled content, thereby maximizing environmental benefits such as natural resource conservation, reduction of waste, reduction of air and water pollution, and a reduced need for landfill space. Naturally low in u2018volatile organic compoundsu2019 (VOC), which means it has fewer chemical solvents that are released into the air.

WOMEN OWNED COMPANY IN THE USA: Recolor Paints began in 2009 as a small, women-owned, retail store in Scituate, Massachusetts. With a heartfelt concern for the environment, owners Katharine Brown and Tania Keeble are driven by the overwhelming amount of paint wasted in the United States. Currently, their high quality, recycled content paint is found in retail stores up and down the East Coast. All our paints come from the USA and are reprocessed in the USA.

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